Thursday, April 12, 2012

Freeze Dried Strawberries--a lifesaver!

With my daughter doing chemotherapy, we have to be careful with the food she eats.  Her diet is really pretty normal, we just have to make sure cold foods are cold, hot foods are hot, nothing out of bulk bins, and making sure fresh foods are very fresh.  The goal is to stay away from any bacteria and mold.  So, my daughter loves strawberries, but I don't make it to the store every couple of days to get her fresh strawberries.

Well, in my food storage I have some #10 cans of freeze dried fruit.  I had the great idea to open the can of strawberries for her to eat and she loves them.  This has been a great snack for her and I don't have to be so picky about which strawberry looks good.  

I also love these pour-able containers from Wal-Mart.  My other kids tend to just reach in and grab crackers or whatever out of the box.  So, I got a few of these containers that pour really easily and we can avoid germy hands contaminating snacks.

And my the way, Kayla is doing awesome with her treatments so far.  It's going to be long, but's it's going to be do-able.  Thanks for your support and prayers on our behalf!


  1. I am so glad to hear that Kayla's treatments are going well. She looks like she is enjoying those strawberries.

  2. Another way to help with the mold on strawberries: my daughter found this on Pinterest. Rinse off your strawberries in a little of vinegar (either type) and water in a bowl. I let mine sit for about 5 minutes to make sure the mold spores are killed, and then I rinse them off, set them out on a towel to dry, and then put back in the frig to store. They keep for over a week without molding!! Good luck and many blessings for your daughter!!

    1. I am definitely going to try that. Thanks so much!

  3. I wish Kayla a speedy recovery. my prayers are with you.

    -Samson (India)

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