Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Top 77 items that will be gone before you get there. . .

A while ago, my sister emailed me this list from the emergency preparedness people in her ward. I found it very useful and thought I would pass it on to you.

The following is a list of items that get cleared out of the stores when people go into panic mode.
I know we don't seem to get many natural disasters or catastrophes around here (Idaho), but I would like to feel like I am prepared for anything--especially now with a family of four little kids. I want to always be able to care for them. So, these are some of the things that I will try to stock up on. And really, a catastrophe can be anything from an earthquake to a job loss. Peace of mind will come when you are prepared for any situation. I encourage you to go down this list and find the things that will be most helpful for your family to have.

2. batteries
3. flashlights
4. ice
5. candles
6. matches
7. toilet paper
8. paper plates & paper towels
9. heavy duty aluminum foil
10. water filters
11. flour
12. sugar
13. milk
14. powdered milk
15. Gatorade
16. canned soup
17. soup mixes
18. bouillon cubes
19. hand-held can openers
20. dry cereal
21. diapers
22. wet wipes
23. baby food
24. baby formula
25. sanitary napkins & tampons
26. bath soap
27. laundry detergent
28. waterless hand sanitizer
29. disinfectant
30. bleach
31. trash bags
32. re-sealable plastic bags
33. toothpaste
34. toothbrushes
35. shampoo & conditioner
36. shaving equipment
37. lanterns
38. lantern fuel
39. lantern wicks or mantles
40. butane igniter
41. charcoal grills
42. charcoal
43. camp stoves
44. propane for camp stoves
45. pocket knife
46. army knife
47. vitamin supplements
48. antacids
49. antibiotics
50. rubbing alcohol
51. hydrogen peroxide
52. laxative and diarrhea remedies
53. antihistamine
54. epsom salts
55. bandages
56. sterile gauze pads
57. first-aid tape
58. portable toilets
59. 5-gallon plastic buckets
60. gas-driven generators
61. gasoline storage containers
62. duct tape
63. chain-saws
64. cast iron dutch oven
65. cast iron frying pan
66. bug spray
67. mouse traps
68. mouse bait (d-con)
69. thermal underwear
70. insulated coveralls
71. heavy work gloves
72. boots / rain gear
73. band saws
74. axes
75. solar panels
76. hand-crank radios
77. canvas and nylon tarps
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  1. Come to think of it, I am running a bit low on chain saws (#63). Guess I'd better stock up! Kidding, thanks for the list.

  2. Holy smokes that's a long list!

  3. Excellent! I sell freeze dried food and emergency items and this kind of information is invaluable to the people who come looking for some guidance getting started in the process. Thank you!