Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rising Produce Prices

I'd say that it's time to start thinking about your garden for this summer! Here's an article that will probably affect most of us.


BOISE -- We have been enjoying warmer temperatures recently in Idaho, but a deep freeze in parts of Texas and Mexico are causing some major problems when it comes to produce, and it could soon affect your pocketbook.

That deep freeze in the Southwest means some of your favorite produce items like tomatoes, zucchinis and peppers could double or triple in price.

Produce distributors say it's all a matter of supply and demand.

After the recent cold weather in the Southwest destroyed crops, remaining undamaged vegetables are now being sold at a premium.

Reggie States owns Reggie's Veggies at the corner of Ustick Road and Milwaukee Street in Boise. He says produce prices have already jumped.

For example, he says a case of zucchini that used to cost $18 is now priced at $50. And that means he is going to have to raise prices. As a small business owner that's hard to do.

"If you have a high price out there people think you're trying to get rich off of something, it's just a commodity, the prices are just up," said States.

Brad Foley with Grasmick Produce in Boise, a produce distributor in the valley, says it's normal to see fluctuation in produce prices, but he's never seen prices jump so high, so quickly.

"I've been in this business 25 years and never seen it happen overnight, usually the markets gradually go up, but it was like overnight," said Foley.

Foley says it could take a couple weeks before consumers see these higher prices at their local supermarket. He also says it could take months for vegetable prices to return to normal.

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