Monday, February 7, 2011

Better than Kraft!

Well, I don't know about your kids, but mine love macaroni and cheese. Back in November, I found this cheese powder at Wal-Mart (I'm in Idaho, it was at the Nampa one off the Garrity exit). I finally got around to trying it today for lunch. There is a recipe right on the can for mac and cheese.

I used the macaroni out of my #10 can that we dry pack canned as a ward a few months ago.

I made this just like it was from a box. I cooked a cup of macaroni, drained it, added a little butter, milk and cheese powder. The recipe on the can was a large batch, so I made a smaller one and kind of guessed on amounts. . . it's a pretty forgiving meal. :)

Right as I was going to take pictures, my camera battery died, so in the 15 minutes it took to charge up the batteries, this is all that was left over from my girls. :) It was very creamy and yummy and I ate some even thought I don't usually eat macaroni and cheese. It has now become one of my year's food storage meals. I know it is something that everyone will eat.
I can't remember exactly how much this can of cheese powder cost but I can guarantee that it is cheaper than buying boxes of macaroni and cheese!!!! This can will make a TON (I don't know yet exactly how much, but today I used less than a 1/4 cup for our lunch.

And here is my macaroni monster! She definitely approved!!

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  1. I almost bought some today at Walmart, it was $16 something. I guess maybe I better get some next time and try it out!