Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hanging Towels. . . So Much Easier

This is what my kids' bath towels used to look like. (Actually, I should have left a couple of the towels on the floor!)

I saw this fantastic idea somewhere online. . . and once I was ready to do it, I couldn't remember where it was at all.  So, I kind of made up what I thought it was.  

I got some plain white ribbon at Wal-Mart (you can use cuter. . . I just couldn't find any that would match all of the colors of towels that I have).  It is about an inch wide.

I measured it out 10 inches and cut. 

I folded and ironed down each edge about 1/4 inch.

I looped the ribbon around (like so) and pinned it to the center of the towel.  
(To find the center, I folded the towel in half and marked it with the pin)

Then, I sewed the square where the ribbon ends met together and then an X in the middle, just for fun because it looks nicer.

Ta da!  Now my kids have no excuses when there towels are on the floor instead of on their hooks! :)  

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