Tuesday, April 17, 2012

For My Own Record

I just wanted to let you all know that I have started a blog that is a record for me and my family during this time that our daughter is going through chemotherapy.  If you are interested in reading about our experiences, here is the site:  http://www.atlastiseethelight.com/

It is starting to be quite a book, but the posts will get shorter and I'll put more pictures on.  I just wanted to get the whole story covered of our crazy beginning times.

I will still try to do new posts here when I can!  Thanks for your support!


  1. My dear Jamie, This has got to be the hardest thing any parent has had to go through! I pray for you and your family during this difficult time. My history is as a Registered Nurse in Oncology, adult not pediatrics. Please bear with me while I mention just a few ideas I have learned over the past 30 years. If I remember correctly, the numbing cream works the very best if it is placed over the port just one hour before the access of it. It used to loose it's strength a little after an hour. (It may have been improved on since I used it, too.) I know and am sure you have an over abundance of suggestions but I am sure you want to be able to give Kayla the very best. Maybe one of her nurses (or you)could check with the pharmacist to make sure. There, I have done the bad part. I would never want to lend ANY doubts you might have to her treatments. I just happen to think of that while reading your blog. Some more ideas I had were to help with the nausea. In my reading over the years, I read somewhere that a patient was told to keep Hershey Kisses at the bedside. I have tried this with patients before and it seems to work. This might be fun for Kayla. It seems that there is an ingredient in the Kisses, which Hershey will not divulge, that seems to curb the nausea from chemo. I realize this sounds bizarre but why not try it. Not very healthy, but if it helps her fight the nausea.....Also, there are Compound Pharmacies that can make lollipops with anti-emetics (nausea meds) mixed in. The pharmacy at the hospital might even be able to help with that. Please don't misunderstand my intentions, I just feel a little responsibility as a nurse to try to help. This is the last suggestion: think of something Kayla can have daydreams about. Example, say, her chickens are in a large pen. There are also hundreds of bugs and worms in the pen. Have her watch, in her mind, each chicken eating a bug. The idea is called guided imagery or visualization. It helps some patients get through the chemo by 'watching' the cancer cells being gobbled up. Studies have shown that in some cases it does help. Not in every case, but sometimes. Worth at least a try? In any case, I just wanted to offer a few suggestions. I know this is horrible for you but as you stated before, God will not put more on you than you can stand. Love is sent along with this email for Kayla, you and your family. Much good luck and happiness to you. May God watch over you and keep you strong.
    Love, Joy

    1. Thank you so much Jojo for all that you have shared. I really appreciate all of your insight and suggestions!

  2. that is a wonderful idea, thank you for sharing it! do you have a button for your blog?