Sunday, June 7, 2009

I've heard a rumer. . .

. . . that the cannery will be lowering their prices! The new prices will go into effect on June 20th. I do not know what they are, but everything will be lower except potato pearls and flour. So, that will effect our dry pack canning this month, but I do not know exactly how yet. I will keep you posted. This will be great for our monthly canning, won't it?

Here's the link to the order form:,11666,8133-1-4352-1,00.html

One more note about the cannery--when I was there last month, I saw that they have small mouth canning lids for $.99 a box!! That is the best price I have seen! So, when you start canning, get your lids there! (If you are really interested and not wanting to drive over there--for those in the ward, let me know and I can totally pick some up for you when I go to get the stuff for canning).


  1. it doesn't look like the link is working any longer :( Do you know of another way to order? Do you have to belong to the church or can the items be ordered and shipped directly to your home?

    1. Yeah, this is a very old link. Here is a new one to the order form:

      Unfortunately, I don't think they ship orders. I don't know where you are from, but if you know any members of the LDS church and have a cannery nearby, you can go with them. Here is a link that lists all of the cannery locations:

      Good luck and let me know if I can help any more!

    2. thank you so much! The nearest one to me is in Las Vegas...BUT I see that there is one close to my mother in law! So the next time I'm near either one, I will have to check it out.