Monday, April 12, 2010

Stake Preparedness Fair

On Saturday, our stake had a preparedness fair. I was in charge of the booth for our ward. I chose to focus on food storage. Here is a picture of our booth:

Thanks to Namifiers for the wonderful banner. (my brother-in-law works there) :) I have a year supply for one adult displayed in the back with the buckets and all the extras on the small table to the left. On the front table (from right to left) I have my grinder with samples of different kinds of flours (white bean, pinto bean, white rice, brown rice), a hand grinder with some wheat to grind up, samples of wheat nuts, granola, and cookies made with beans, and then a food sealer with jars of sealed up food (almonds, chocolate chips, dehydrated foods).

I thought we had some great information there and introduced people to some new ideas of how to use their food storage, along with how to plan their year supply of actual meals to make. Thanks to the many many people who helped me make samples and be at the booth during the fair!

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