Sunday, May 31, 2009

Food Storage Calculator

With all the dry pack canning we have been doing, I thought it might be helpful for you to know what the recommendations are for a basic year supply of food for your family. There are many different calculators online. You can google it or you can use one that I found. Go to this link:

You can personalize it to give you the amounts you need. If you have any questions or can't get the link to work, please let me know.

This is just something to help you get started. For me, food storage became so much easier when I knew the amount of food that I needed!! It gives you an end goal. But, also keep in mind this is just the very basic food that will keep you alive for a year. Once you have accomplished this goal, you can move on to some things that might make it more pleasant to live on food storage for example, spices, dried foods, and chocolate chips. :)

Remember: Being prepared means doing a little bit all of the time, rather than a lot all at once and then . . . NOTHING!

Happy storing!

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